Belgian Tableya Duo (2 Rounds)
Belgian Tableya Duo (2 Rounds)

Belgian Tableya Duo (2 Rounds)

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Did you know that...

  • 1 Tableya Round can make 2-3 drink servings
  • For a rich, thick, and velvety drink:
    • Suggested serving size is 5.7 fl. oz. or 150ml. 
    • This is about the size of a teacup.
  • Enjoy as a chocolate treat or a hot chocolate drink

*Depends on taste and thickness preference


Introducing the world’s first Belgian Tableya from Theo and Brom. 

We’re on a mission to bring you the best of both worlds through every Round of tableya. 

Our inspiration is rooted in discovering how two different cultures that have distinct traditions around chocolate can bring forth the best of what each has to offer. 

Each Round of Belgian Tableya comes from small, select batches of beans, 
handcrafted with Belgian chocolate making expertise.

This debut batch features 65% Single-Estate De La Serna Beans from Davao, Philippines, a cacao origin location that is up-and-coming in the bean-to-bar chocolate scene. 

Our recipe features a medium roast of our single-estate cacao, stone-ground for 24 hours with muscovado sugar. This creates what we call the “delicately unrefined blend” where the bold and raw cacao flavors come alive whilst having still a smooth mouthfeel. 

So as you enjoy a Round, whether to melt-in-your-drink or melt-in your mouth, take time to savor the taste of traditions:

Philippine cacao made with Belgian chocolate-making equals the best of both worlds. 

A signature recipe, a signature process, and also a world first — all made with you in mind.