Theo and Brom at the Embassy Festival | 2019

Here are the photos from our incredibly fun experience at The Hague for the Embassy Festival, where more than 50,000 people came to celebrate global cultures coming together! 🎪🎪🎪

I've received a few messages asking me about how it all went -- well the photos say it all. 🤩

The night before, it was raining VERY hard, so we were a bit worried about the next day. Thankfully, heavy downpour came only towards the evening. 🌦

This was Theo & Brom's very first event -- EVER.

I was excited to receive the letter from Ambassador Ledda of the PH Embassy in NL inviting us to be part of this *BUT* I also felt anxious because I had NO experience whatsoever manning a booth or selling onsite so to speak. 😟

Most of you guys know that I am biased towards e-commerce just because I felt events like this required way too much physical effort and all. 🙈

While it did require a lot of planning, the team pulled it off nicely, and for that I am really grateful!😱🤩

And for one of our many firsts -- IT WAS AWESOME.

This was our first time seeing people taste our chocolate AND have the most candid reactions afterwards. 🤪

This was our first time selling the actual drink onsite and having Non-Filipino customers come back to tell us how good it is, how surprised they are about how rich the taste is, and that they *needed* to have Tableya Rounds or Rolls to take home. 🍫

I must admit, it was the MOST fulfilling thing to experience -- ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ONES TASTING THE CHOCOLATE ARE KIDS!!! 😋

I would *always* hold my breath when kids come up to the booth and ask for some pieces to taste. And I had to warn the parents that this may not be the chocolate they are accustomed to, and that it is strong cacao. Hahaha!

I kid you not though -- ALL THE KIDS THAT DAY LOVED IT!!!♥️♥️♥️

As we all say, kids can tell. 😏

One thing's for sure though -- my highlight was seeing dear friends, and friends of friends, and the Filipino community come to our booth and support us that day. 🇵🇭

I met Paulo, Olive and Jill Arias -- a family who heard about us through my friend Vanessa Angela A. Reyes in the PH. It's so amazing how us Filipinos find ways to support each other continents away! 🤗

Sanna, from The Chocolate Shop NL, also dropped by to say hi! We missed Raymond though, her better half, as they also were also busy at the Ecuadorian booth.

I was lucky to manage a few selfies with my UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority sis Marielle Pangalangan, and UP Alpha Sigma brod Paco Pangalangan and their daughter Chesca. 😍 Our fellowship truly goes beyond University life! 🙌🏼

Another special selfie with dear Alpha Sigma brod Raul Pangalangan, who is presently a judge at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. (Yes, I am a fangirl! Hahaha! He said he dropped by the booth to just for us hahaha) 🤩

I wish I could have snapped more photos with everyone who dropped by that day, but some moments were just way too busy.

TO EVERYONE WHO VISITED US LAST SATURDAY -- we are INSANELY GRATEFUL for your presence, encouragement and support!

To the staff of the Philippine Embassy in The Netherlands, Madam Helen and Madam Shirley, thank you!

To Ambassador Ledda, a million thanks from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us to be part of this year's PH showcase at the festival!

Thank you for being part of our journey, bridging the best of both worlds, and introducing TABLEYA to the world!